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This page I want to dedicate to a couple of people who mean a lot to me. Who stuck with me even if I wasn't alway's mister nice. Or who are just special to me.


Elisa (a very beautiful and sexy lady)
Elisa helped me a lot during the time I spent in spain.
Being a stranger in a strange land, I had very little idear of how to get to places and didn't know to many people. She invited me along to disco and barbecue and into her home. Even being a crashing boar did not stop her from making me feel welcome.
Thanks babe, you have no clue of what you meant (and mean ) to me.

Rahul Nanda
A good friend and outstanding person. I met him when he was in Holland for his first time.
All the way from India. And para dropped into holland by his employer, with no support what so ever.
Even with all the cards against him, he managed to keep standing and to set up the business he was sent to do.
A almost impossible task, very well done. (you understand!!)

Sadly my friend worked himself to death
he past away.


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