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Slow connections ? take a hike, get out of here, shhhoee
Don't blame me if you're telephone bill gets out of control.

One last word of warning.
A lot of the stuff in here is of a explicit nature. If you are in any way offended by the content of these pages, don't blame me. you are going to press the next buttons to see the images, in no way I made you go there :-)

Internet exploder users:
depending on you're settings, the image's will be shrunk to a smaller size to fit you're screen.
If you hover the mouse pointer over the image, a icon will appear  at the bottom right side of the image.  click it to enlarge to original size
If the icon thus not appear, move the mouse pointer away from the image and back over it, give it a second. if you still don't see the icon, than maybe you're browser is not enabled for this function or you are using a older version of IE.
ORE !!!!! it's just a small image :-)

ISome pages like this one, have a different menu. Because they have / are sub pages, the menu would become very long. If at any time you get lost, use the " omhoog " or " up " button.

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